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03 Jul, 2020

‘The Mahindra Classics’ Campaign Commemorates Rich Automotive Heritage of the Mahindra Group

It is the story of our nation’s soul, the country’s spirit of enterprise and India’s growing global stature.

01 Jul, 2020

Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector Sells 35,844 Units in India during June 2020

Domestic sales in June 2020 were at 35,844 units, as against 31,879 units during June 2019.

01 Jul, 2020

Mahindra’s Auto Sector sells 19,358 vehicles in June 2020

The company’s overall automotive sales (Domestic + Exports) stood at 19,358 vehicles in June 2020, compared to 42,547 vehicles during June 2019.

11 Jun, 2020

Mahindra launches customised vehicle ownership schemes for Covid caretakers

The company has rolled out its offers to an entire range of essential service providers that includes Journalists/Media Professionals, Railway/Airline Staff and others, beyond Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Government Officials and Policemen.

05 Jun, 2020

World Environment Day 2020: Economic recovery must address human and environmental health

When we cut air pollution and greenhouse gases, we improve health, we create a more pleasant living environment and we reduce the multiple risks associated with climate change.

22 May, 2020

Our approach to unlocking had to ensure balance between lives and livelihood with safety at the core

In an interview with The Hindu, Sanjay Srivastava, elaborates on how our integrated cities (MWC) could operate and what is the best way for India to unlock. He also highlights how the approach to unlocking had to ensure balance between lives and livelihood with safety at the core. He further highlights how, when most manufacturing companies across India had to close down their factories during the lockdown, integrated industrial ecosystems like the Mahindra World City (MWC) remained operational through all the last three phases, enabling the units operating there to manufacture and even export.

22 May, 2020

Make In India: Prepare For The Next Wave

The article talks about how India can reignite industrial growth with the help of Make-in-India during the current covid times. The article sets a context w.r.t. current covid scenario and delves into how diversification is the new differentiation going forward, opportunity for India as global companies are planning for potential “exodus” of companies from China. What should be the country’s strategy to win business and how to ’Make-in-India’ happen.

04 May, 2020

Cheap oil? A pandemic? No big deal for renewable energy, experts say

The renewable energy market should be able to weather short-term fluctuations and may even be poised to get a boost from efforts to restart economies.

25 Jun, 2020

Mahindra- A Great Place to Work

Six Mahindra companies feature in the prestigious 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2020' list

22 Jun, 2020

Tech Mahindra launches a strategic initiative for cybersecurity

Tech Mahindra announces a decisive step in its endeavour to improve organisations’ cybersecurity outlook, worldwide

18 Jun, 2020

Post-Covid capitalism should care for people and the planet

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us that interconnectedness, of people with each other and with the planet, is non-negotiable.

11 Jun, 2020

Creating Happinests For The 'New Normal'

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, prospective home buyers are looking for spaces that will cater to everyone in their families.

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