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A superhero without a cape

A man becomes a hero through action. This year at the annual Mahindra Rise Awards, Major Suresh Bhosale (retd) was honoured with the Veerta Award for putting others’ before self and Rising to do good!

'A soldier is never off-duty' and Maj Bhosale, who works with Tech Mahindra's Resource Management Group, exemplified it when he rescued a woman and her three children from a canal in Ghorpadi area of Pune in 2018.

The veteran soldier was on his way to the market, when he saw the woman jump into the canal with her children. Incessant rains and discharge of water from the Khadakwasla dam had left the canal in spate and the risks of being swept away was very high.

Dismissing the dangers, Maj Bhosale jumped in and managed to rescue the children, aged eight, four and six months. He then rushed to save their mother which soon proved to be a challenge.

Drowning and desperate, the woman grabbed the veteran soldier in a vicious grip which could have ended in a watery grave for both. Extricating himself from the stranglehold, the veteran caught the woman from the rear. Keeping her head above the surface, he managed to drag her out of the canal.

The woman was unconscious and had turned blue but she regained her senses shortly. The victims were admitted to Sassoon Hospital and the police ruled it as an attempted suicide.

Hailed as a hero, Bhosale urges everyone to have the basic survival skills – including swimming, cooking, driving and first aid.

Through his exemplary act of courage and valour, Maj Suresh Bhosale demonstrated Mahindra Rise’s ethos of positive change through action.