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Enabling advanced analytics with the Aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS)

When a global aerospace firm that develops and distributes commercial and defence aircraft, helicopters, and space equipment with around 180 facilities and 12,000 direct suppliers, faced a challenge of data analytics, Tech Mahindra developed a solution to generate analytics that will help the firm optimise aircraft safety and performance.

Tech Mahindra partnered with a global aerospace firm to provide a strategic, real-time health monitoring solution collecting and transmitting IoT information from aircraft components to the ground for optimum business and community impact:

And the here is the result in numbers

1. Real-time Monitoring
25-30% Improvement in aircraft dispatch reliability rate
10% Reduction in human hours to maintain and analyse flight data

2. Basic & Advanced Analytics
25% Operating cost savings with effective troubleshooting
20-25% Improvement in aircraft availability with less flight disruptions

3. Integrated Systems
10% Reduction in maintenance time with integrated next-gen tech pubs
Ease of operations Part logistics and crew planning