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Mahindra celebrates World EV day with global launch of MESMA 48

Mahindra Electric introduces the MESMA 48 platform to global markets on World EV day

Mahindra Electric’s mission to revolutionise mobility through electric vehicle technology in India reflects the Mahindra Group’sheritage of pioneering change. The philosophy of bringing in transformational change is the Group’ssuccess mantra and hallmark.

To accelerate the transition to EVs (electric vehicles), Mahindra Electric celebrated the first-ever World EV Day on September 9, 2020. This was an event created by Green.TV, a sustainability media company, to promote e-mobility and accelerate the transition to sustainable transport.

Commenting on Mahindra’s role in celebrating World EV Day, Mahesh Babu, MD& CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility said, “World EV Day is a great forum for us to discuss the next big ideas for the global markets.”

On the occasion, Mr Babu also announced the launch of the MESMA 48 platform for global markets.

The MESMA 48 platform, one of the most utilised EV technology solution architecture, has successfully powered over 11,000 EVs in India. It is highly scalable, cost-effective and offers quality comparable to global benchmarks. It can electrify a range of vehicles including three-wheelers, quadricycles and compact cars, and marks Mahindra’s expertise as a leader in EV mobility.