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Mahindra Group joins hands with REE Automotive to develop electric vehicles

The Mahindra Group enters into a partnership with Israel’s REE Automotive to develop new-ageelectric vehicles for the logistics sector

The Mahindra Group and Israel’s REE Automotive have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop commercial electric vehicles (EV) for global markets.The significant move will see REE’s corner module and platform technology combining with Mahindra’s design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing expertise, for a strategic partnership.

REE’s technology integrates the powertrain, suspension, and steering components in the arch of a vehicle wheel. It allows multiple body configurations on a single platform, increasing volumes and efficiency while reducing size and weight. It can be used to create a broad range of EVs, along with autonomous vehicles, light to heavy-duty EV logistics vehicles and robo taxis.

Speaking on the partnership, Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director, Auto and Farm Sectors, said, “REE’s corner modular architecture has competitive advantages, which coupled with our experience in conventional vehicle system design, engineering, sourcing ecosystem, and significant production capacity, is a great match for delivering exciting zero-emission vehicles, including autonomous ones, to meet customer needs like never before.”

REE’s transformational technology is designed for current and future e-mobility applications, including autonomous vehicles. The technology offers significant benefits in terms of weight, space and flexible body design. It is scalable, which makes it ideal for any form of EV, such as commercial vehicles, mid-duty delivery trucks, last-mile delivery vehicles, passenger cars, taxis and shuttles.

The MOU will primarily target global markets. The business volume is estimated to grow to between 200,000 and 250,000 units over time. While REE’s architecture will enhance Mahindra’s capabilities in the EV segment, REE will leverage Mahindra’s global presence, unique volume flexibility, and its engineering and product development expertise. The partnership will support Mahindra’s domestic and international volumes.

According to Daniel Barel, Co-Founder and CEO, REE Automotive, “The fundamental structure of the automotive industry is evolving into a mission specific vehicle with modularity being structured in three layers: the platform providers, the service providers and the data providers. All the elements work together to create new vehicles and new services tailored to meet customers’ needs in a fast-changing world. REE is here to lead the industry and set the path for future platforms.”