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Pininfarina partners with Britishvolt to build UK’s largest battery plant

UK-based battery manufacturer Britishvolt has partnered with Mahindra-owned Pininfarina, an Italian design company, to build a large-scale battery gigaplant.

Pininfarina, the iconic Italian design firm, will partner with Britishvolt to build the United Kingdom’s first large-scale battery gigaplant. The project, situated in Bro Tathan, Wales, will help create the UK’s largest battery manufacturing facility, advancing the evolution of e-mobility.

The Britishvolt gigaplant will be situated over 80+ acres of a green industrial park with a production capacity of up to 35 GWH. The focus for both companies is to design a facility that is both sensitive to its surroundings as well as welcoming to local residents.

With an unrivalled heritage in the transport and automotive sectors – and collaborating with automotive brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Peugeot for decades – Pininfarina’s revolutionary designs will ensure that Britishvolt’sgigaplant not only fits the purpose but is also an elegant representation of the future of UK’s automotive industry.

“Sustainable design is a necessary commitment to creating social and economic value for future generations,” Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO, Pininfarina, said about the partnership. “Britishvoltaims to become the world’s first zero-carbon battery manufacturer,” said OrralNadjari, CEO and Founder, Britishvolt, adding that it aligned perfectly with Pininfarina’s expertise in creating green, high-tech and innovative environment.

“We have been able to draw on the expertise gained in the automotive world and apply this to architecture,” said Giovanni de Niederhäusern, Pininfarina’s Senior Vice President of Architecture.

Pininfarina encompasses local culture and community needs within its spaces while creating new paradigms of eco-sustainable and zero-emission mobility. Having been at the vanguard of electric mobility since 1978 with the Ecos automotive prototype, Pininfarina is fully committed to offering significant electric propulsion solutions in various segments of the mobility ecosystem.