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Spark the New

Mahindra Electric unveiled a new corporate brand identity, with a new logo and tagline- ‘Spark the New’. This new identity is meant to give the brand a renewed thrust to achieve its ambition of being a global leader in electric mobility technology solutions. This move will help the brand approach the Indian and global markets with a clarity of purpose and a sharply defined identity.

The identity simplifies the portfolio of Mahindra Electric; vehicles and hardware solutions are offered under the ME branding and software solutions are offered under the NEMO branding. This new identity will simplify the brand by ensuring that the logo works on digital assets and on EV components and vehicles. Mahindra Electric also launched its Vision 2025 of being a leader in providing customized electric mobility experiences through cutting edge technology. Three critical goals have been outlined to achieve this vision:

  • Having over 5 million electric vehicles on Indian roads
  • To be the most preferred electric mobility solutions platform
  • Bringing the cost of transportation down by 25%

Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric said, "Today, with a decade’s worth of experience in electric vehicle technology, we are completely prepared to make India an EV hub and take our technologies global. Our new positioning is an acknowledgement of this ambition while being a testament to our pioneering past. It emphasizes our ambition to innovate and create cutting-edge technology with agility, such that we deliver products which make a positive difference to society. Our new identity truly recognizes the essence of ‘Mahindra Electric’ and there are no better words to capture this than 'Spark the New'."