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Mahindra CSR: Driving positive change in the lives of communities

The Csr vision of Mahindra Group has ensured the promotion of a unified and strategic approach towards driving positive change in the loves of our stakeholders and communities to enable them to RISE

Mahindra Research Valley – becoming future-ready

A small two-storied building in one corner of the Nashik plant, housing a workshop with some drafting tables, prototype and fabrication shops, and the engine development centre – all rolled into one – was the sum total of auto R&D at Mahindra in the year 1993.

The rewards of perseverance

Dipak’s inspiring story shows how hard work and determination need just a spark to light up a new life.

“Mahindra championed the golden era of contemporary Indian hockey,” says Dhanraj Pillay

The year was 1992, and 25-year-old Dhanraj Pillay was selected to represent India at the Olympic Games Barcelona.

Focusing on abilities

Tech Mahindra Foundation’s ARISE+, a programme focusing on school education for persons with disabilities in the age group of 3-18 years, supports organisations working with the children to help them thrive despite their challenges and prepare them for the future.

Fostering rural growth and prosperity

India’s need for food security and to change agricultural practices, pushed Mahindra to foray into manufacturing tractors 58 years ago.