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ArmaTrac debuts two new tractor models at Agritechnica 2019


Home Newsroom Press Release ArmaTrac debuts two new tractor models at Agritechnica 2019
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Farm   Published : 11/12/2019

ArmaTrac, the export brand of Erkunt Traktor exhibited 11 farm machinery models specifically designed for Europe, at AGRITECHNICA 2019, Hannover.

These includes two new tractor models showcased for the very first time including The ArmaTrac 1254 Lux CRD4 & The ArmaTrac 804 Cabin Fruit Garden.

ArmaTrac 804 Cabin Fruit Garden

The most important feature of ArmaTrac 804 Cabin Fruit Garden model is the digital air conditioner. Digital air conditioning blocks 100% of the toxic chemicals from entering the cabin via a single button.

The new Fruit Garden model with Cabin option comes with the 70, 80.3 and 80.4 hp power units.

ArmaTrac 1254 Lux CRD4

Fitted with the Deutz engine and a ZF gearbox, the most important feature of this model apart from its high power and emission levels, is the ability to achieve up to 5% improvement in fuel efficiency over other tractors in the segment.

Electrically heated seats and side seats and an 8-inch digital smart display offers great comfort to farmers with large farms. In addition, a rear lift capacity of 5000-kilos and a front hydraulic lifter with a 3000-kilo capacity, provides farmers with great convenience on the field.

The other products on display include:

504 Fruit Garden 752e Orchard Type Rotary Tiller
512 Fruit Garden 854 Lux Field Type Rotary Tiller
584e 1054e+ Inter Row Rotary Tiller
614 Fruit Garden 1104 Lux CRD Cultivator
704 Lux Mulcher Horizontal Feed Mixer

Designed, engineered and built to provide operating ease and efficiency, the entire range of ArmaTrac is tested both in simulation and in the field, with painstaking attention to detail, to suit the needs of farmers and the land surface of the country of export.

ArmaTrac Expands to the World in 2019

As the third largest tractor manufacturer in Turkey and among the country’s 31 tractor brands, Erkunt through ArmaTrac continued to expand its presence globally and in 2019 forayed into four countries Azerbaijan, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Uruguay.

In November 2018, Erkunt became the first Turkish tractor brand to be granted with a license agreement for production of tractors outside Turkey, through GIAD of Sudan. GIAD is one of Africa’s largest industrial enterprises and boasts one of the best production facilities in Africa.

With this agreement, Erkunt became the first manufacturer from Turkey to license tractor production abroad.

In the first half of 2019, ArmaTrac forayed into Ivory Coast through a dealership agreement with Bouchard Cote D’Ivoire

ArmaTrac's first shipment to Uruguay has arrived at the showroom through the company’s official distributor, Ramos Tractors.

In July 2019, ArmaTrac signed a dealership agreement with Sima Landtechnik one of the biggest holdings in Germany, to foray into the German market.

In 2019 ArmaTrac also celebrated the sale of its 1000th tractor in Serbia.


Erkunt Tractor Ind. Inc. was founded in September 2003 and is the first Turkish manufacturer to indigenously design and manufacturer a tractor in Turkey.

Having won the trust of Turkish farmer with high performance, low fuel consumption tractors, six years from being founded, Erkunt ranked among the top 3 tractor brands in Turkey.

Today Erkunt has over 160 models for both the domestic and export market, in the 50 to 110 HP segment, that are designed to address the needs of cereal, pasture, vegetable & orchard farmers.

Erkunt began export of its tractors in 2007 under the ArmaTrac brand, and today exports 4 of every 10 tractors produced to over 20 countries. Today ArmaTrac can be found in Western Europe, East Europe, CIS, Middle East & Africa.

Erkunt is the only tractor brand that has ISO 10001 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management Certificate in the sector.

The 4th largest tractor brand in Turkey today, Mahindra acquired Erkunt Traktor Sanayii A.S. (Erkunt) in 2017.

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