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Mahindra Hariyali to achieve double its annual goal this year with 2 million sapling plantation


Home Newsroom Press Release Mahindra Hariyali to achieve double its annual goal this year with 2 million sapling plantation
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Brand   Published : 5/29/2018

Mumbai, May 29, 2018: Reaffirming commitment to the environment, this year Mahindra Group, will achieve double its annual commitment by completing 2 million saplings plantation. By 5th June, the ‘World Environment Day’ the company aims to plant 15 million trees under the aegis of Mahindra Hariyali program.

In the rapidly developing world today, lack of green cover is impacting the oxygen level in the air at a basic level. Hariyali is aimed at increasing the green cover, in addition to providing livelihood and nutritional security. Now nearing the completion of 11 years, the project also helps enhance the wildlife habitat value and biodiversity in certain regions. Thus, Mahindra Group has pledged to plant trees across the country with an annual goal of 1 million.

“It is heartening to have consistent support from our employees, customers and partners who have helped us not just achieve but exceed our annual goal by 100% for Hariyali. It is a clear reflection of our collective commitment towards the environment.” said, Rajeev Dubey, Group President (HR & Corporate Services) and CEO (After-Market Sector), Mahindra & Mahindra. “That said, climate change requires attention, and our environment needs to be nurtured to prevent the devastating and irreversible impact. While this project aims to tackle climate change and sustainability, we do realize this is not enough. With our campaign #ButThisIsNotEnough our aim is to sensitize and onboard Indian citizens to support a cause and pledge for a greener future, this environment day,” he added.

The project forms a part of Mahindra’s Rise for Good philosophy and it is being amplified to invite participations from every Indian citizen to contribute to environment or other causes with the #ButThisIsNotEnough[Eng] #ButThisIsNotEnough [Hindi] campaign.

Mahindra partnered with the Naandi Foundation as the implementation partner for this project in 2010. The Naandi Foundation helps with plantation, engagement with local communities, monitors survival rates and undertakes replacement of saplings as and when required.

Davig Hogg, Chief Agriculture Advisor- Naandi Foundation said, “India as well as the planet’s well-being depends on a healthy environment and Mahindra Haryali has oriented its focus to ensure it delivers an objective impact wherever it is implemented. Mahindra Haryali project in Araku has evolved a unique template that is built on three pillars that are now the focus through all Mahindra Haryali outreach. Our consistent focus has been on engaging local Adivasi community, ensuring sound organic methodology and reliance on indigenous tree species so that forest ecosystems are restored. The result has been year on year improvement in access to nutritional fruits and improved soil carbon stocks – objectively verified by external audits of the VCS/UNFCCC programme. This contributes to climate change resilience globally and ensures greater soil fertility and water retention locally, providing for more stable agricultural activity.”

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