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Mahindra United World College of India celebrates Ninth-year Graduation Day


Home Newsroom Press Release Mahindra United World College of India celebrates Ninth-year Graduation Day
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Brand   Published : 11/24/2007

Mumbai: Mahindra United World College of India (MUWCI) held its annual Graduation Ceremony for students of its 9th batch. Present at the Graduation Ceremony was Mr. Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Mahindra Group and the Guest of Honour of the ceremony. The 9th batch of 108 students comprised of students from 43 countries including Burkino Faso, Germany, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangaldesh, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Cayman Island, Mongolia and other countries.

Instituted in 1997, MUWCI is part of the international United World Colleges movement, which also has colleges in Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore, Italy, Swaziland, UK, USA and Venezuela.

Dr. David Wilkinson, Principal – Mahindra United World College, congratulating his graduates said, 'It is a proud moment for all of us at MUWCI as our students embark on a new chapter in their lives. At MUWCI, we strive to create a global environment where students learn of the cultures and characteristics of different nations and races by building friendship and understanding. I hope the learning at MUWCI has equipped them with knowledge that will enable them to create a difference in the world around them. I wish them the very best in their careers ahead.'

Mr. Anand Mahindra – Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Mahindra Group and the Guest of Honour at the MUWCI graduation ceremony said, 'For us at Mahindras, education is a legacy and investing our corporate resources in education is at the core of our family values. We believe that by investing in education, we will ensure a better quality of life not only for now but for generations to come. MUWCI was a cherished vision of my father, the late Mr. Harish Mahindra, who brought the United World College movement to India. It is a moment of great pride to see the fruition of his vision and be part of this Graduation Ceremony. My congratulations to all the graduates and I hope their stint at MUWCI will enable them to become better citizens of the global world of which they are an important part.'

Says Rafay Sabzwari, MUWCI’s first student from Pakistan, 'I love the freedom with responsibility that comes with being at MUWCI. The friendly teacher-student relationship and the social work students are able to perform are other features that have made my stay at MUWCI truly rewarding.'

Talking of the global environment present at the campus, Severin Kehrer, MUWCI student from Germany says, 'Studying at MUWCI has been a truly international experience. Given the diverse opportunities available, I have been able to pursue more interests at MUWCI than I could otherwise have been able to. Besides, the academic environment is also highly motivating.'

In MUWC, students apply for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma which includes subjects such as natural sciences, mathematics, languages, art and history, theatre, economics, human rights and so on. The IB diploma is further accentuated by the Triveni program which preaches creation, action, community interaction and campus service which are connoted as service activities. The Triveni program is based on the ideals of making the world a peaceful place to live in. Each student is required to attend at least one element of the mentioned service activities every week. If students are consistent in their Triveni lessons they save time to indulge in learning choir, dances or working at the vast Bio diversity reserve that the MUWC sits on. These students are also expected to impart knowledge to village schools and share their personal anecdotes with the villagers and the school children.

About Mahindra United World College

The Mahindra United World College of India, part of the United World College movement, was founded by the late Harish Mahindra in 1997. It is the Group’s endeavour to promote world-class education with an emphasis on the ideals of peace and understanding, central to the ethos of the United World Colleges. The school is global not only because of the International Baccalaureate degree, but also because of the true international culture in which the students study, live and learn. Each year’s batch of about 100 students accommodates about 65 to 70 from abroad. The faculty includes professors from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, UK and USA. The teacher-student ratio is 1:9. This international mix facilitates global exposure and helps students transcend all artificial barriers based on race, religion, ethnicity, class, gender or nationality. Keen focus is given on all-round development, and students are encouraged to think innovatively by involving themselves in socially and environmentally relevant issues. The students also contribute to the local neighbourhood through unique community service programmes.

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