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Mahindra unveils new variants of Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range: Elevating the driving experience with AC


Home Newsroom Press Release Mahindra unveils new variants of Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range: Elevating the driving experience with AC
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Auto   Published : 2/19/2024

Mumbai, February 19, 2024: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), the market leader in Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs) in India, proudly announces the launch of new variants of Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range. This latest addition aims to offer enhanced comfort to customers through the inclusion of air conditioning and the introduction of 14 new features on the iMaxx app.

The Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range, characterised by its compact, and versatile design, sets unprecedented standards in payload capacity, fuel efficiency, safety, and overall driving experience.

Since its debut, the Bolero MaXX range has marked significant milestones, surpassing 1.4 Lakh units sold, while achieving the 1 Lakh production milestone in record time, setting a new benchmark in the commercial load segment. Additionally, the accomplishment of delivering the highest number of units in a single day garnered notable recognition in the esteemed India Book of Records.

Nalinikanth Gollagunta, CEO - Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "Renowned for its exceptional performance and versatility, the Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range has garnered immense appreciation from our valued customers. With its robust build, impressive payload capacity, and unmatched reliability, the Bolero MaXX Pik-Up has become a trusted companion for businesses and individuals alike. The addition of air conditioning in the latest variants emphasises our dedication to our customers' comfort and convenience, reaffirming our commitment to meeting their needs."

Performance and Comfort

The Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range, powered by Mahindra's advanced m2Di engine offering diesel and CNG options, boasts a disruptive design with power and torque nodes ranging from 52.2kW/200Nm to 59.7kW/220Nm. With payload capacities spanning from 1.3t to 2t and a cargo bed length of up to 3050 mm, it ensures exceptional loadability for transporting goods. Packed with features such as CMVR-certified D+2 seating, height-adjustable driver seats, turn-safe lamps and redesigned interiors and exteriors suitable for both city and highway applications, the Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range prioritises comfort and functionality. The addition of integrated air conditioning with heater and demister further enhances the driving experience, providing optimal comfort during all journeys. With AC, navigating through city traffic or cruising along highways becomes a breeze, making the Bolero MaXX Pik-Up range the ideal choice for customers seeking higher comfort.

Features and iMAXX

The latest iMAXX update introduces 14 new features to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the vehicle management system, building upon the Bolero MaXX's initial launch. Key advancements include geofence-based campaigning for targeted outreach and the Driver Cum Owner feature for streamlined operations. Additionally, My MaXX Score offers valuable performance insights for drivers, while Fleet Managers gain enhanced control through dedicated profiles.

Moreover, the system's newest alerts prioritise both vehicle safety and efficiency, including alerts for aggressive acceleration, abrupt braking, sharp cornering, and fuel pilferage detection. These features not only enhance safety but also contribute to reducing maintenance costs and improving overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the iMAXX feature has made a significant impact on the market, with over 30000 iMAXX vehicles deployed. Continuous updates, such as Fastag integration and expense management, drive increased user engagement and prolonged app usage, further solidifying its position as an essential tool for fleet management.

Pricing details (ex-showroom) below:

PR 19 feb

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