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Pininfarina And De Rosa Enlarge The Collaboration With The New SK And The Logo Designed By Pininfarina


Home Newsroom Press Release Pininfarina And De Rosa Enlarge The Collaboration With The New SK And The Logo Designed By Pininfarina
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Auto   Published : 6/26/2019

De Rosa looks at the future relying on the experience of Pininfarina to redefine its brand identity

Turin, June 24, 2019 – The partnership between De Rosa and Pininfarina becomes even more solid and strategic, embracing a holistic approach, based on the product design and that moves forward to the restyling of the heart of the company: the brand. On the occasion of the launch of the new SK Pininfarina, highly innovative and technological model that reinterprets and transforms the features of the previous one, it will be also presented the development of the logo, designed by Pininfarina for De Rosa, element that, through a semiotic study, tells the avant-gardist evolution of the company.

New SK Pininfarina. It is an expression of the new De Rosa’s innovative journey. Absolute queen of the 2020 collection, the SK Pininfarina is the result of innovation, dynamism and integration. Consistent with the strong identity of the first SK, the new model has strong innovative elements. Higher dynamism thanks to the complete change of the seat tube and of the top tube. Higher speed and efficiency by softening and reducing its volumes and the weight of the sail and also by tightening the horizontal part of the chassis. Finally, the integration of all the cables, both on the chassis and on the handlebar, that result in a reduction of the volumetry obtained also thanks to the complete modification of tubes section. The new bike is more compact but it keeps its rigidity and its functionality.

Outcome of a rich share of ideas among the experts of the two icons of Made In Italy, the logo represents the perfect match between the glorious past of the Milanese company and the visionary values of the future that have always characterized De Rosa. Stylistically, the logo keeps the incisive font of De Rosa but at the same time the shapes are reinterpreted with a modern design. Indeed, the font is accelerated and the extended shapes give to the logo a fast horizontal moving, that becomes even more dynamic and futuristic in the end. By far, the principal novelty is the new shape of the heart. Central soul of the company, the heart is “engineered” by exploiting the proportion of the circular elements present in the bike, in order to become the pulsating element of absolute stylistic perfection and technology.

These two new elements enhance the partnership, started 5 years ago with the launch of the first SK in occasion of Eurobike. It is a collaboration that today consolidates and that, thanks to the strong and distinctive design language, is the perfect base for a future expansion of the range.

“As De Rosa family we decided to make a heart choice and therefore, to study, together with the Pininfarina’s designers, a new logo, that reflects not only the vision of our products but as well our history. Indeed, I would like to thank Paolo Pininfarina and all of the Pininfarina’s team, that understood and enhanced in the best way our tradition, by projecting it into the future” states Cristiano De Rosa, De Rosa Executive. “The launch of the new SK, designed by Pininfarina, is the perfect expression of the way forward for innovation, that we are pursuing together”.

“Working on the brand means for us operating on the soul of a company” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina. “With De Rosa we found the perfect match of vision and values – as it has been with the great success of the SK – indeed, we are very glad to strengthen the partnership with this new model and to start imagining future developments together”.

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