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Pininfarina PF One Reshaping The Ink Writing Experience


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Auto   Published : 6/27/2019

PF ONE is an innovative ink pen that sets new standards in terms of ergonomics and design: it marks the beginning of a new era, that of Design Writing

Turin, June 26, 2019 – Following the success of endless writing instruments, made possible by the use of Ethergraf®, a special metal alloy that allows writing with no ink nor refill, Pininfarina Segno is reshaping once again the writing world with a new innovative product, the Pininfarina PF ONE.

The PF ONE is a forerunner product of a new family of writing tools ink based that will be progressively unveiled during the year. The PF ONE has been conceived to redefine the ink writing instruments canons in terms of ergonomics, design and user experience. An object of design to be discovered and explored. The PF ONE retractable nose, invisible during use,

magically emerges when the pen is locked while its unique closing mechanism hides the tip inside the pen, transforming it into a self-standing sculpture.

The comfort of the writer is enhanced by the triangular shape of the aluminum body where a special texture, positioned on the bottom side, guarantees a firm grip amplifying the final writing comfort. The revolutionary closing system takes the user experience to so far unexplored levels guaranteeing the maximum portability, with no risk to spill the ink or stain clothes, in a perfect equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality.

“Every project starts from a sketch so, as designers, we have a special and emotional relation with writing instruments” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “In the past we have already innovated the writing world with an innovative technology allowing to write limiteless. This time the challenge was even higher because we are innovating the user experience again using traditional ink.”

“PF ONE goes beyond the concept of writing” adds Davide Fabi, CEO of Signature, company responsible for the Pininfarina Segno project. “It’s a new chapter of the Pininfarina Segno project, which tells of the ability to reach always new goals and officially starts the new era of what we call Design Writing”.

Price: € 109
Available on sale exclusively on until the July 31st.

Francesco Fiordelisi
e–mail: [email protected]
tel. 011.9438105

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