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Sampo-Rosenlew showcases its first-ever Hybrid Harvesters at Agritechnica 2019


Home Newsroom Press Release Sampo-Rosenlew showcases its first-ever Hybrid Harvesters at Agritechnica 2019
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Farm   Published : 11/11/2019

Hannover, November 11, 2019: SAMPO-ROSENLEW Oy, the Finland-based manufacturer of high-quality combine harvesters and forestry machines today showcased its first-ever Hybrid Double Rotary Combine Harvesters at Agritechnica 2019, Hannover. The new Hybrid Harvesters, C20 and C22 will be part of Sampo’s popular COMIA-series of Harvesters.

With cutting widths of up to 7.5m the new COMIA C20 and C22 are suitable for large and mid-sized farms and will feature in the Class 6 segment of combines, offering customers higher output with cost efficiency.

Mr. Jussi Malmi, Chief Executive Officer, Sampo-Rosenlew said, "Recognised for our harvesters by our customers and industry alike, we at Sampo are proud to showcase our newest combine harvesters at Agritechnica 2019. Our first-ever Hybrid Double Rotary Combine Harvesters, will deliver a huge improvement in capacity, retaining Sampo’s standards of compact machines, with efficiency in cost of operation. We expect the COMIA C20 & C22 to be popular among farmers in Europe, Russia, Central Asian Countries and Brazil."

Both the new C20 and C22 feature a double rotary instead of traditional straw walker, to deliver significantly higher threshing capacities. The C20 is fitted with a single threshing cylinder and the C22 fitted with a pre-threshing cylinder. Both combines retain the same threshing drum width of 134 cm, as the COMIA C10 and C12 straw walker models. The C20 and C22 combines have a new cylinder variator, high capacity grain elevator and shaker shoe areas, putting the focus on the sieves and fan.

The new C20 and C22 are fitted with Sampo’s premium AVARA cab, designed and developed for easy, efficient, safe and long hours of work. Introduced in 2017, the AVARA cab is spacious, ergonomic and contemporary in style.

The new C20 and C22 have been developed in Pori, Finland and tested in different regions across the globe.

Sampo continues to upgrade its outstandingly efficient COMIA C6, C8, C10 and C12 series of combine harvesters. The COMIA-series starting with 3.9m cutting widths provides exceptional value to small and mid-sized farms.

EU27 distribution

SAMPO-ROSENLEW has evolved its go-to-market strategy for EU27 countries and will now market and distribute its combines under the Sampo badge directly in these countries. Sampo is confident that its wide range of combines comprising of the COMIA-series and VERRATO-series offer European farmers & channel partners a competitive range of products and business opportunities.

About Sampo Rosenlew

A manufacturer of combine harvesters since 1957, Sampo Rosenlew has delivered more than 50,000 combine harvesters to approximately 50 countries in the last 62 years. Its key market areas are the Nordic countries, Europe, North Africa and the Central Asian countries. More than 90 per cent of its products are exported.

For more information, please contact:

Karl-Wilhelm Hundertmark
Director, Sales and Marketing
Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd
[email protected]
Tel. +358 40 67 44 302

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