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Search Result for Tag (3 Results)

Showing Result for Tag #Values

  • A Federation of Companies United by Values and Purpose Much Ahead of its Time

    What does it take to build a common culture across a large group of disparate companies? This was the question posed by senior Mahindra leaders at a critical time in the Group’s history

    Values, Purpose, Mantras – can these intangibles actually fuel growth? Mahindra’s financial performance over the years indicates that the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

  • Values, the Bedrock of Value Creation at Mahindra


    The Mahindra Way is to create financially successful companies that are institutions of excellence built on the pillars of Values, Ethics and Integrity



    “Not a day in the past 47 years that I have been with the Mahindra Group, have I gone to bed thinking I have done something that my conscience does not allow” – the words of Mahindra Group stalwart and current Chairman of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts and Mahindra Lifespace Developers, Mr. Arun Nanda.

  • Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra’s message to Employees on 2 October 2020


    Mahindra Group Chairman’s message to employees on 2 October 2020, as part of the 75th anniversary celebration

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