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A good sign

Just as he pulls up the shutters of his shop, Vijay is greeted by the first customer of the day.

"Don’t worry, Sir"
"You will get the jackets by evening.", Vijay assures his customer.
A short-lived hope
His best transporter and a couple of others either refuse to pick calls or are nowhere nearby.

"Sorry sir, all my trucks are booked right now."
Hitting a roadblock
After dialling a dozen numbers, he finds a driver who informs him that he'll arrive soon. Two hours later, there's still no sign of the driver and sweat beads start trickling down Vijay's forehead.

"Why can’t I ever find a reliable driver when I really need one!" - Vijay muses.

Just a kilometre away…

A long wait
Ajay is a mini-truck driver. Diligent as he is, he waits steadfastly for the first job to come in. As time passes, so does his optimism. Not a call yet.

"If only I could reach out to all the businesses and offer my services!"
Vijay negotiates terms with a new driver.

"Your quote is exorbitant! This is unreasonable!"

After a tense few minutes of haggling, he reluctantly places the receiver down, having closed the deal at a much higher price.
Light at the end of the tunnel
Ajay's finally received an order from one of the few customers he knows. Albeit at a measly price, he agrees to it lest he go without any business for the day.

"This is too far and not worth what he's paying."
In a fix
Vijay's transporter left four hours ago and still hasn’t reached the customer's location. The irate customer calls Vijay, demanding an explanation, threatening never to give him business again.

"I deeply regret the delay, Sir. But there is no way for me to know exactly where the transporter could be."
On the way back…
Ajay's truck runs empty after his delivery. It is a long way back home and the fuel consumed plus the toll charge brings his day’s earnings down to almost zero.

"I wish customers could book us easily like they do a cab. It'd really help us when we're running empty," Ajay thinks.

"SmartShift is the only service that takes care of all my complex load requirements." Ashok Neeraj, Business Owner

Vijay and Ajay have both seen a positive impact on their businesses. What's more, SmartShift has made the process of finding cargo transportation for Vijay as easy as hailing a cab.