Mahindra & Mahindra

Our flagship company is India's premier utility vehicle (UV) and farm equipment maker. We enjoy a truly global presence today, with our vehicles traversing roads, both paved and unpaved, in Australia, Europe, Latin America, large parts of Asia, and South Africa. "Mahindra" is the largest selling tractor brand, by volume, in the world. You will find our tractors cultivating dreams in all the continents on earth

Performance Snapshot

The last decade has witnessed phenomenal growth in revenues, profits and geographical spread, laying the foundation for us to pursue our aspiration of making "Mahindra" a globally admired brand.

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Our Global Presence

Since assembling our first vehicle in 1947, we’ve grown rapidly. We commenced our exports in the 1960s, and today, you will find our vehicles and tractors in all six continents of the world.


How we win

We've been India's No.1 UV and Tractor maker for a long time now. And we intend replicating the India success story on the global stage. Here's how we aim to do it.

Grow R&D capabilities

Powering our global ambitions are our global R&D centres in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Detroit, Korea and Italy. We are creating a neural network of R&D facilities that will lead to technologically superior and differentiated products the world over.

Innovate ahead of the curve

Since our founding, we've always championed a culture that sees our employees constantly encouraged and rewarded to challenge conventional thinking to innovate for the greater good. A clutch of awards and case studies stand testament to our ability to constantly innovate.

World-class manufacturing

With a focus on manufacturing excellence irrespective of either geography or industry, we aim to multiply our output both in quantity and quality.

Build industry-leading brands

From building the iconic jeep and as one of the world's most recognised tractor brands, we have created several industry-leading and category-defining brands. The next stop: the global stage

Broad portfolio of superior products

We've built a wide, enviable portfolio of products, from 2 wheelers to HCVs. We are the only Indian company with mobility products that cover land, water and air. Add to this a comprehensive farm mechanization portfolio and you get a combination that is difficult to beat!

Quick Facts

Innovation and Technology will power us towards our aspiration of becoming a globally admired brand. Our facts below sync our performance to our promise.

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World's #1 Tractor brand (by vol.)

234,766 tractors sold in FY15

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India's #1 UV maker

37% market share (Mar 2015)

Box 1Box 1Box 1

Only Indian OEM

In Moto3TM and Formula E racing

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Investing in Global R&D facilities

Chennai, Detroit, Seoul, Varese

Box 1Box 1Box 1

Successful turnaround

of SsangYong Motors

Box 1Box 1Box 1

BBB- Rating

M&M assigned BBB- Rating by Standard & Poor

Box 1Box 1Box 1

Highest standards of Governance

Since 1945

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