• Axe


The Mahindra Axe Light Strike Vehicle is a high mobility combat vehicle designed for the Indian Army and the Special Forces of foreign armies.  Its 140 HP, four-cylinder diesel engine and Mercedes-Benz transmission deliver high performance in the roughest situations.  Lightweight and high-payload, the Axe can carry six crew with full battle loads.


The Axe’s unique selling point is its incredible battlefield mobility.  With high ground clearance and all-wheel independent suspension, it can perform surgical strikes over any terrain.  It’s ready for a rough ride with power steering, five automatic gears, and front disc and rear drum brakes.  The Axe can also be up-armored upon request to protect against 7.62mm ammunition. 


The Axe’s flexible configuration allows for easy adaptability and modification for key operational roles.   It can be fitted for a machine gun, a command and control suite with communications and power supply, and stowage for weapons, ammunition, water, extra fuel, and crew kits.  This adaptability means it can be used for armed reconnaissance, command and control, or as a weapon carrier or ambulance.  We can also customize the installation of radio sets, GPS, blackout lighting, and other user-specific requirements.

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