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Enriching Motherhood With Our 5-Year Maternity Policy


Home Newsroom Stories Enriching Motherhood With Our 5-Year Maternity Policy
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 10/16/2023

Motherhood is one of the most significant milestones for a woman; capable of transforming the lives of herself and her loved ones. The journey can be even more life-changing for working women, and also stressful without adequate workplace support. Often requiring a delicate balance between family and career journey, the first five years for new mothers can be crucial.

Understanding the importance of this transformative phase and acknowledging the need for comprehensive support, Mahindra has taken a step forward by introducing a 5-year maternity policy.

Through this policy, the organization aims to alleviate the challenges that often accompany the initial years of motherhood, enabling our women officers to focus on what truly matters—nurturing their families and excelling in their professional journeys.

This comprehensive 5-year policy seamlessly supports new mothers through every stage of their journey into motherhood. It includes:

1 year Pre-Childbirth Support

This policy offers strong support to expectant women, making their 9-month pregnancy journey smoother. During daily commutes, especially in the last trimester, Mahindra ensures the comfort of expectant mothers. When it comes to business travel, it prioritizes their well-being by providing premium seats for domestic trips and business class for international ones. Additionally, those who seek IVF treatment can benefit from a 75% reimbursement on treatment costs for two cycles, accompanied by a week of paid leave.

1 Year Maternity Support

New mothers can avail an extended 26-week maternity leave, which is inclusive of adoption and surrogacy cases. In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, they are granted a 45-day leave. Additionally, women officers are eligible to seek financial support through a maternity expense reimbursement facilitated by a special sanction.

Post Maternity Support Until Child turns 3 Years

Through this policy, working mothers gets flexible support, including 6 months maternity leave, 6 months of flexible work, and 24 months of hybrid work options, based on feasibility & alignment with Manager. Additionally, a one-year unpaid sabbatical for child support is available, contingent upon a 36-month minimum tenure at M&M. It also includes a monthly 'Baby Care Allowance' for children under 2 years.

Additionally, understanding the importance of mental and emotional well-being during the pivotal phases of pre/post-childbirth, IVF process, or miscarriage, Mahindra offers professional online counseling services to women officers. With the opportunity to avail up to 12 counseling sessions over a one-year period, the organization aims to provide the essential support needed during these crucial life events.

When it comes to career assurance for new mothers, Mahindra ensures that performance pay remains consistent at the same level for the full year during part-time work. Additionally, maternity leave does not affect promotion decisions for eligible and assessable employees. Upon return, new mothers are ensured availability of the same or a comparable role to the one they held pre-maternity, providing career stability and progression.

While sharing his insights on this policy Ruzbeh Irani, President, Group HR, Mahindra Group expresses, “We look at inclusivity from a much broader perspective. It's not only about bringing in gender diversity but also about retaining gender diversity and making women feel that they don't have to make a choice between their careers and their family life. Based on what we have learnt from listening to our women employees across levels, it was decided to adopt a more holistic view of this by taking a five-year horizon.”

“We are looking at attracting more women as an industry and our new maternity policy is a very critical aspect of this and aims to support women through this key life stage for a total period of five years,” adds Asha Kharga, EVP, Group Customer & Brand at Mahindra Group.

This 5-year policy is a testament to Mahindra’s unwavering commitment to its employees, acknowledging and honoring the immense significance of motherhood in a woman's life.

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