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Giving back to those affected during the pandemic


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : ESG   Published : 10/9/2022


Continuing our series on the Covid warriors of Mahindra, this week, we highlight our brave colleagues from the IT and Logistics Sector. They were able to Rise and contribute to the community.

Stepping in to sustain the most vulnerable

Since March 2020, Surendra Uplenchivar from the IT sector has been working around the clock to help migrant workers and Covid-affected families in Telangana.

He stepped up to ensure that people who tested positive for Covid-19 had access to hospital beds and timely consultations with doctors. He also took care of food delivery for those who couldn’t provide for themselves.

Through the Forum to Improve Things (FIT), Surendra and his friends donated cellphones and laptops to those in need. These electronic devices also helped those, who had lost the sole breadwinners of their families to Covid, continue their schooling online.

Surendra even went a step further and took care of the cremation of deceased Covid-19 patients if their families were unable to do so. Along with his ‘Feed the Needy’ group (driven by a team of 10 IT professionals), Surendra helped cremate over 200 bodies, of which 150 were Covid-19 patients.

The group also distributed medical kits in tribal areas of Telangana.

With Surendra’s help, about 700 people were also vaccinated at government and private hospitals in Hyderabad.

If you’d like to help Surendra, you can reach out to him on Twitter- @Sure23, or contact him on – 7995404040/ 9490617440

Helping stranded truck drivers

Nimba Bharmare from Mahindra Logistics was aware of the truck drivers’ struggles during the nationwide lockdown in March 2020. Hundreds of them were stranded across India without any access to food and safe drinking water. Their plight moved Nimba.

He roped in a friend who ran a grocery store and went on to prepare food kits with his wife. He then got permission from the police and distributed the kits to drivers at the Nashik Cross Dock, along with his colleagues.

Are you a Mahindra Covid Warrior as well? Share your story with us.


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