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Helping the most vulnerable survive the pandemic


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : ESG   Published : 12/15/2021


Continuing our series on the Covid Warriors of Mahindra, we highlight our brave colleagues from Mahindra Defence Naval Systems and Agri Sector this week. They were able to Rise to the occasion and selflessly contributed to their communities.

Stepping in to arrange for transportation of patients

Shankar Maske, an employee in the administrative department of Mahindra Defence Naval Systems, personally arranged and transported Covid positive patients from their residences to hospitals during the shortage of ambulance services. He travelled miles ferrying Covid positive patients to hospitals and ensured the supply of oxygen cylinders and Remdesivir medicines. Shankar went beyond the call of duty by risking his own life and working round the clock for employees and their families affected by Covid.

Free food grains support to migrant labourers

Sagar S Hongadu, an employee in Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited, contributed by providing food grain support to families-in-need, security guards and the sweepers in his locality.

He created visual SOPs for Covid care for the employees in his sector. He established a ‘checklist approach’ for their daily monitoring, along with one-on-one counselling for the necessary care to be taken of Covid positive employees, based on his personal experience with the virus.

His initiative benefitted at least 300 watchmen and sweepers from the neighbouring slums, along with 25 Covid positive colleagues, friends and family members.

More than 500 Agri Sector colleagues referred his visual SOPs.

Are you also a Covid Warrior? Share your story with us in the comments section below.


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