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Krish-e: Transforming farming and enriching lives


Home Newsroom Stories Krish-e: Transforming farming and enriching lives
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Business   Published : 10/18/2022


With Mahindra Group’s initiative to enhance the productivity of farmers, Kresh-e helped creating India’s largest omnichannel agriculture marketplace that is maximising farmers’ incomes.

Between 2013 and 2019, the increase of income from crop cultivation was a poor 4.65% p.a. in India. This was due to restricted access to equipment and lack of credit history, creating market inefficiency and loss in produce price for the farmers. It was time to turnaround the agricultural industry’s entire value chain and Mahindra stepped up for a solution.

With innovative know-how, technologies and equipment, complemented by a digital UX, Mahindra Krish-e offered a differentiated, multi-faceted approach, creating a progressive, affordable and integrated ecosystem for farmers, tractor dealers, rental entrepreneurs, and input retailers, enrichingincome per acre. And the results are as follows:


1. Pan India Operational Reach
117 Krish-e Dealers/Centres in 16 States
13,500+ Takneek plots with Advisory
19,500 Last Mile Network

2. RE Engagement
18,350+ IoT Smart Kits Installed
13M+ Rental Hours Tracked
55 min RE App Usage/Day

3. Farmer Engagement
2M+ Farmers Impacted***
3.6M+ App Downloads
4.4 TP Farmer Satisfaction (scale of 5)**
200K+ MAU

4. Driving GMV
Rs. 131cr Inputs Sold
Rs. 167cr Equipment Sold
Rs. 6.5cr Rental Solutions - Smart Kits

* All figures represent Krish-e impact from Rabi ’20 until 30 Jun 22
**Based on FY22 survey (885 farmers)
*** Includes Digital app users, Takneek plot farmers, Rental Entrepreneurs, onboarded/KSK users, Rental Entrepreneur customers, Farmers buying agri-inputs, farmers buying equipment, Agronomy video/ content viewers


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