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M&M’s Gorakhanath Shinde receives 'Mahindra Veerta Award' for saving 3 children from drowning


Home Newsroom Stories M&M’s Gorakhanath Shinde receives 'Mahindra Veerta Award' for saving 3 children from drowning
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 3/16/2023

Shinde is Deputy Manager (Manufacturing) at M&M’s Igatpuri Plant. Receives the Veerta Award from Anand Mahindra.

Mumbai – March 16, 2023: After a long week at work, Gorakhanath Shinde and his friends planned a trip to the Amboli Dam. A sumptuous lunch at the Green Valley Resort overlooking the vast expanse of water, catching up with friends, and a country boat ride were all on their agenda.

The resort was unusually crowded that weekend. Two families with three children were among those waiting to get a table at the Resort’s lunch area. They waited in the open area along the waterfront. Gorakh and his friends were already on their way to a boat, intending to take some pictures before going for a ride on the lake.

The three children were becoming restless as they waited for a table at the resort. They ventured into the lake unnoticed by any family members and were soon in waters five metres deep. The three children were struggling to keep their heads above water, their arms outstretched to attract the attention of anybody nearby, and they were gasping and gurgling as shifting waters drew them in. But no one was around to notice their plight.

Gorakh, who was on a boat about 20 metres away, fortunately, observed flailing arms thrashing the water in deathly panic. He realised right away that these were children drowning in the lake. Without a care for his safety - let alone his clothes, mobile phone, car key or wallet – Gorakh took to the water to save the three children. He swam in quick strokes, but by the time he arrived, one child was already underwater, and the other two were losing strength at an alarming rate. Gorakh rescued the drowning child first, then swam back in seconds to pull the other two children to the safety of the shores.

It was then that the two families got to know of the incident. They rushed to meet their rescued children, who were then rushed to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

The parents inquired at the Resort the following day to learn more about their children's rescuer. It was there they got to know about Gorakhanath Shinde, who worked at M&M’s Igatpuri plant. The family, who live in Nashik, paid a visit to the plant soon after to thank Gorakh for his selfless act. They praised his bravery, and also met with the Igatpuri Plant Manager to report the good deed performed by a true Mahindraiite.

Gorakhanath Shinde exemplifies how Mahindra employees live the 'Rise' purpose. Gorakh's fine upbringing, life values, and desire to effect positive change in the lives of others prompted him to jump into the water to save the children.

For saving the three children, Gorakhanath Shinde received ‘The Mahindra Veerta Award - 2022,’ from Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group.

The Mahindra Veerta Award was instituted in 2009 in memory of Mohan Redkar, a Mahindra trainee engineer, who lost his life in a tragic incident while trying to save two couples from drowning. The Award consists of a medal, a framed certificate, a signed letter by Anand Mahindra, and prize money worth INR 1 lakh.

We applaud Gorakhanath Shinde for his selfless act and bravery.

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