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Rahul - Connectedness Is My Strength


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 6/23/2023

Presenting the story of Rahul (name changed) next in our #RiseWithPride series which celebrates the inspiring spirit of our associates who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“I was born in a small town in Bihar and went to school there. I always felt different from my peers. While they talked about girls, I did not relate to them. Since I thought I was different, I believed that I was weird. Despite being focused on my studies and career, I was a shy, underconfident, self-critical and nervous person.

After school, I went to a para-military engineering college. The college shaped me into a stronger individual and I ended up working on a ship in tough conditions. I believe everything happens for a reason. As a sailor, I got to travel to many ports and explore different cultures. It helped me learn more about myself, the beauty behind emotions & experiences, and how this world is connected on many levels. I realised that the understanding of this connectedness, is my strength.

I had finally found the courage to come out to my sister as gay. To my surprise, she told me she always knew, and this confession changed nothing between us. She has been my greatest strength. I still haven’t told my parents, but that day will also come soon, hopefully.

Later, I did MBA and joined Mahindra as a supply chain consultant in Bengaluru. I slowly found my balance here and invested in my work and my professional relations. In Bengaluru, I also met the founder of a Pride Advocacy Forum. He helped me gain leadership skills, develop a better sense of self, and find my passion for change. I hope to bring these learnings in the Pride ERG at Mahindra.

My passion for change is two-fold: helping organizations become more environmentally conscious and helping elderly people from the LGBTQIA+ community with their mental health. This will enable us to #RiseForAMoreEqualWorld.”

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