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#RethinkTheBias – Dipanwita Tikari


Home Newsroom #RethinkTheBias – Dipanwita Tikari
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 11/7/2023

Presenting our #RethinkTheBias series where we share stories of resilience from our associates. Kicking off the series with with Dipanwita Tikari.

I'm Dipanwita Tikari, a transgender person working as an Assistant Manager in Marketing and Communications at Mahindra Logistics Limited. My life has been a journey of self-discovery, challenging societal norms and embracing my true identity. Despite the pressures to conform, I chose to be authentic.

It wasn't easy. I faced fears and prejudices from those around me. My family and friends played a vital role, some supported me wholeheartedly, while others struggled to understand. I used education and patience to bridge the gaps to build an understanding. The power of empathy has been very crucial in my journey. It has helped me connect with others and break down barriers.

My journey hasn’t been just about personal growth, it is also a part of the larger story of equality and acceptance. The society I faced was full of stereotypes, but I decided to turn it into a platform for advocacy. I teamed up with others from the transgender community to raise awareness, teach communities, and promote inclusivity.

These challenges became a testament to my strength and proved that authenticity demands courage. But there were good times, too. I rediscovered myself, made genuine connections, and found a community that accepted me. At Mahindra, I have found the psychological safety and acceptance I have always wanted, and I am ever so grateful for that.”

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