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#RethinkTheBias – Indhu P


Home Newsroom Stories #RethinkTheBias – Indhu P
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 11/7/2023

Presenting our #RethinkTheBias series where we share stories of courage from our associates. Next in the series is the story of Indhu P.

I'm the only one in my family who had a dream of working in a large organization. My family is from a small village near Erode, Tamil Nadu. My parents are farmers, and my brother runs a small farming-related business. He makes and sells traditional farm tools like sickles and trades farm products in our village. Despite growing up in a village, I was fortunate to be nurtured by a family that held steadfast in their support. Yet, breaking free from traditional norms was no small feat. Even though my husband's family endorsed my professional aspirations after our marriage, they expected me to embrace more conventional roles that they believed would be comfortable for me. So, post my MSc. in Computer Science, I ventured into the profession of education, working as a teacher until my first pregnancy. However, the birth of my son brought forth expectations that I would follow the well-trodden path of taking a break to care for him.

Overcoming these biases demanded relentless resilience and unwavering persistence. Throughout my maternity break, I remained steadfast in my determination to return to work, and eventually, I did just that. Joining the Mahindra Home Finance collections team was a turning point, as my family began to witness the unwavering confidence and capabilities that I possessed. My success slowly unravelled their fears and dispelled the biases that had taken root in their minds.

Today, I proudly hold the position of Customer Manager in the Collections vertical at Mahindra Home Finance. My role is far from conventional, as it involves ensuring timely home loan EMI collections through telecalling and personal visits. Some may argue that it's an unconventional role for a woman, but let me assure you, I have not missed a single target to date.

I hold a firm belief that achieving equity pivots on the pillars of respect and support. In a diverse workplace, it is imperative to honour these differences and provide every individual with opportunities to prove their mettle. Some may start later on their career paths, face current constraints, or harbour unique aspirations, but it's our collective responsibility to champion these distinctions, recognizing that they are the building blocks of workplace success."

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