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#RethinkTheBias – Reeti Nageshri


Home Newsroom Stories #RethinkTheBias – Reeti Nageshri
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Values   Published : 11/7/2023

Presenting our #RethinkTheBias series where we share stories of resilience from our associates. Presenting the story of Reeti Nageshri next in the series.

From a state-level badminton player to a recognized artist, to an ace coder to now being at the forefront of Mahindra's electric SUV revolution, my journey has defied boundaries by embracing diverse passions. By breaking molds and pushing limits, I turned challenges into stepping stones.

In a world fond of clear labels, I challenge the notion of being a 'Jack of all trades, master of none.' I see my diverse interests not as scattered pursuits but as a convergence of expertise. As a multipotentialite, I bring fresh perspectives to the table and foster innovation by cross-pollinating ideas from various domains.

Keeping aside the societal biases, I've been blessed with a circle of men – my father, coaches, husband, and friends who saw my potential beyond stereotypes. They empowered me to challenge every bias. Now, at Mahindra, I lead the electric SUV revolution.

I envision a world where diverse voices aren't just heard, but valued and amplified, where opportunities are based not on where you come from, but on what you bring to the table. Inclusivity means creating platforms where everyone, regardless of their background, has the tools and encouragement to thrive. Equitability means ensuring that these platforms aren't just accessible but also adaptable to individual needs. True diversity is when we not only respect differences but actively seek and celebrate them because that's when innovation truly flourishes.”

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