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#RiseForAMoreEqualWorld - Madhavi Joshi


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : ESG   Published : 2/23/2023

I was born with a condition known as Ortho disability, which causes an interference with the functioning of my bones, muscles and joints. As the eldest child of my parents, I always felt that I was a burden to them. I used to think less of myself until someone special came into my life as a breath of fresh air. He held my hand and promised to stand by my side for the rest of my life. His trust and encouragement never made me feel that I am disabled. He became my source of confidence and inspiration

Now, I am working as a Credit Manager at Mahindra Home Finance - a company that ensures their employees are well cared for, and paves a way filled with opportunities for each one of us to Rise. I’m independent, happy, and satisfied!

I’m having a wonderful time working at Mahindra - thoroughly enjoying every minute I spend at the office. I have wonderful colleagues and a supportive work environment which positively affects my work. I am motivated to perform and look forward to coming to work every day. The mutual respect and love that we have for one another ensures business runs smoothly, especially during the last few days of the month. Those days are busiest and crucial for us, but we put in our best efforts, stay optimistic and ensure that the month ends on a positive note.

The boom of technology has made work simpler and faster. At Mahindra, with the help of technology, it is easy to access and maintain data, make applications, and many other tasks. It was with the help of technology and software that we were able to carry on with our duties during the pandemic. With the help of technology, I have learnt to manage my finances, household chores, travel, and do a lot of other things that interest me.

My message for my fellow beings – “Do not think of yourself as less than others. We can do much more than we can ever think of. Be confident, our disability does not define our abilities. We are strong and we must stand against all odds. Live your life the way you want, do whatever it takes to build a happy life for yourself and those living around you.”

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