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#RiseToLead – Mohit Kapoor


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Leaders   Published : 2/17/2023

For this edition of #RiseToLead, we have our group Chief Technology Officer Mr. Mohit Kapoor sharing his Rise story with us:

“I joined the Mahindra Group on a historic day - the 75th Founders' Day celebration. It was also the day we launched our latest creation, the new Thar, launched digitally (since we were in Covid times then).As an engineer by education and a firm believer in technology's ability to solve any problem (including matters of the heart), I was excited to be part of a future ready organization and was warmly welcomed.Starting my new role virtually was a unique experience. But my first week was a series of meetings across businesses, connecting with new people, and uncovering a wealth of knowledge about the company's products & services. The group is so diverse and big that it felt like Week 1 for many weeks.

My journey in the tech industry spans over 30 years, from the main frame era to the current smart phones and AI power in the pocket times. As an engineer out of college, I started the first phase of my career on the shop floor (of an aluminium company) to truly understand the nuts and bolts of the manufacturing business and learn about technology automation.

The next phase was the start-up phase when I joined a health-tech start-up, where I patented a revenue cycle management system. My (foolhardy) life goal at a young age was retiring with one crore rupees in the bank, a lofty goal nevertheless, 25 years ago. The crore never happened but I learned valuable lessons on building businesses and moved on to my next phase of post graduating in business and joining the financial sector. I honed my skills in banking at top global banks for the next 20 years. BFSI is future forward when it comes to adopting technology to enhance customer experience and this is the mantra, I am applying at Mahindra now in my fourth phase of the career as Group CTO.

My vision is to use emerging technology to transform our businesses, work with the best minds in the market and attract the best talent. The formation of the Mahindra Digital Engine reflects these themes, to make us future ready at the Group level.

Throughout my journey, I've learned the importance of understanding people and building stronger relationships (colleagues, customers, partners, team members).Secondly, there is no substitute to having sound knowledge of the business and staying on top of your game by continuously updating your technology skills. I fuel my passion through a variety of means including listening to podcasts, watching educational videos, gaining insights through reverse mentoring by surrounding myself with top talent, learning from industry experts around the globe, and trying new technology in an hands on manner.

I would like to sign off by stating that technology is an enabler and not a substitute for human connection.The companies that keep purpose and human connection at the forefront will be the ones to Rise.”

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