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#RiseToLead – Rajesh Dhuddu


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Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Leaders   Published : 4/10/2023

We’re honoured to feature Rajesh Dhuddu, SVP & Global Head – Emerging Technology, Tech Mahindra In this edition of the #RiseToLead series as he speaks about the qualities that enabled him to #Rise.

"Turning around cybersecurity practices for Tech Mahindra was an experience that shaped me, along with attaining Global Leader recognition for Tech Mahindra. The focus is not on technology per se, it is on unique customer experiences they can foster, tough business problems they can solve and new revenue streams they can trigger.

Being a thought leader in this area, doesn’t mean that one should master and understand all jargon, but one should gain proficiency in demystifying these technologies and practices, explain them in a simple manner and make them understandable, relevant to the end users and decision makers. You are responsible for your team members, coach and empower them. Be more participative and facilitate leadership. Your good leadership traits and skills are a legacy that you need to pass on, so help others become great leaders.

My main motivation for leadership is to enable people to discover and tap their full potential and help others become extraordinary with ordinary efforts and consistent approaches. The one factor that allows me to succeed is ‘never be fixated’, think of plan B, accept and internalise it. Never give up!

My strengths as a leader have been to harness technology for business outcomes, and perseverance. However, the hardest decision I had to make in my professional journey so far is ‘not being faithful to your core areas and skills’. But I always drew inspiration from this quote - The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.
I believe that conflicts can be managed once you visualise the situation and accept possible solutions. The more we fail to acknowledge alternatives and internalise them; harder it will be for us to resolve the conflict and change. There are many learning channels, if you have a strong intent to learn, you will automatically discover the existence of these learning channels and gain access to them.

One can learn immensely through conversations with start-up founders, channel partners, team members and other experts too.”

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