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SsangYong Motor Global Sales Record 10,181 units in June 2020


Home Newsroom Press Release SsangYong Motor Global Sales Record 10,181 units in June 2020
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Auto   Published : 7/1/2020
  • SsangYong achieves highest monthly sales this year, surpassing 10,000 units
  • Each model posts highest domestic sales this year, contributing to an increase of 18.6 pct YoY
  • SsangYong to push successful launch of new models for post-coronavirus era and to invest in product development for future

Seoul, S. Korea, July 1, 2020 : SsangYong Motor Company(CEO Yea Byung-tae;, part of the Mahindra Group, today announced that the company sold a total of 10,181 units in June 2020 –9,746 units in domestic sales and 435 in exports.

SsangYong posted its best monthly sales in June with an increase of 22.9 percent from the previous month helped by the strong recovery of the domestic market.

The company saw a sales uptrend for two consecutive months since April when it posted its lowest sales this year at 6,813 units amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In particular, SsangYong reported its highest domestic sales this year with an increase of 28.7 percent month- on-month and 18.6 percent year-on-year, respectively, as each model posted the best sales as well.

SsangYong’s June domestic sales exceeded last year’s average domestic monthly sales of 8,982 units, and furthermore, its sales rapidly grew from the early stages of the coronavirus breakout since February.

Such performance resulted from its successful Untact Sales Programs. The company has provided various benefits and easy access for consumers by diversifying purchasing channels such as online e-commerce and home shopping in keeping up with the new ‘untact’buying trend referring to non-face-to-face services amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

SsangYong’s exports, however, didn’t recover yet due to the overall contraction in demand amid concerns of the coronavirus’ re-spread, even though its main dealers have resumed its sales locally.

SsangYong is working hard in preparation for resuming economic activities in Europe proactively with the online- launch of the Tivoli G1.2Tmodelin Europe through YouTube in May.

In addition, the company made a contract with China’s Songuo Motors on Tivoli KD exports and platform technology cooperation in order to expand its global sales.

SsangYong has pushed its efforts to launch new models including the face-lifted G4 Rextonand Tivoli Air in preparation for the post-coronavirus era, and will invest in product development for the future including Korea’s first mid-sized electric SUV to be released in early next year.

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