Music has given sanctuary to all of us during the difficult, often isolating days of lockdown. Our intention is to use music and dance to Mahindra's important milestone of turning 75. Our Rise philosophy is the inspiration for the lyrics.

This is a "Project" because we encourage everyone to use the sound track and create their own home videos using it. A special "hook step" has been choreographed as well. Both the sound track and the instructions for the hook step will be available for download. Once you have created your videos you can share it on social media using the hashtags #RiseUpChallenge

Through this you can to empower your audience to Rise Up, and face the challenges of this world head on.


Full Audio Track

Caller Tune

15 second Audio file

Learn the hook step

Hook Step 1

Hook Step 2

Read the lyrics

Verse 1

O leke ragho me ubaal, duniya jeetne chale hai

O deke nazro ko dhaar, Manzil chadne chale hai


Aisa josh hai jagate, Chattano ko pighlaade

Naam sunke, sar ho uthate, Hum aisi hasti banate

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