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Andrea Ackroyd

Lead Performance Engineer, Mahindra Racing

Andrea is the powerhouse behind Mahindra Racing's performance engineering team.
Before dawn breaks, Andrea's already at work, charting the course for the day ahead. With her keen eye on data she meticulously plans each move to gain an edge on the track.
Collaboration is key in her role, where she works closely with colleagues from various departments, constantly striving to shave off those crucial milliseconds.
But it's no smooth ride. Andrea faces the relentless pursuit of performance, always pushing the boundaries in our competitive field. Even in the face of long nights and unconventional sleeping arrangements, her dedication never wavers. Like that time she curled up on tyre blankets in the back of a test truck rather than waste precious time commuting to a hotel.
Andrea's career boasts some impressive highs, like the unforgettable pole-position streak with Alexander Sims. But for her, the real joy lies in the process—testing hypotheses, reaching conclusions, and applying them to the track.
Through her work and involvement in programs like Girls On Track, she's paving the way for future stars, showing them what's possible when passion meets perseverance.
Andrea's impact reverberates far beyond the track. She's not just racing towards victory, she's driving change and inspiring a new generation of trailblazers.

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