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Inclusive Work Culture

Diversity and gender neutrality form part of the working environment; encouraging and promoting women Associates to grow professionally.

Our Vision

As an organisation, we are committed to Rise for a more equal world. We strive to build a caring, fair and thriving culture.

Employee Stories

Women in Blues

Mahindra Blues Festival, 2024

Every year, the Mahindra Group hosts cultural festivals that give artists equitable opportunities to showcase their art to patrons. They create a stage that only recognises talent, without the shackles of gender, age or language. The Mahindra Blues Festival is one such event that brings the vibrant Blues music to India.
Star performers like Dana Fuchs, Vanessa Collier, Samantha Fish, Beth Hart, Sheryl Youngblood and Tipriti Kharbangar graced the Mahindra Blues Festival 2024. In a country where Blues music is still finding its fandom, they mesmerised fans with their raw, deep-throated vocals, their musical prowess and their stage presence.
Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, they brought their music from across the world to Indian stages - showing that all that matters in the end is grit and hard work.
The women fearlessly presented their creativity in a world that was earlier dominated by men, inspiring an entire generation of female artists, songwriters and entertainers. Their performances lay the groundwork for other women to chase their dreams.
They shoulder responsibilities far greater than entertainment and enrich the cultural fabric of the community. As Dana Fuchs in her reel asks, ’kitne aadmi the?’ – Zero!

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Andrea Ackroyd

Lead Performance Engineer, Mahindra Racing

Andrea is the powerhouse behind Mahindra Racing's performance engineering team.
Before dawn breaks, Andrea's already at work, charting the course for the day ahead. With her keen eye on data she meticulously plans each move to gain an edge on the track.
Collaboration is key in her role, where she works closely with colleagues from various departments, constantly striving to shave off those crucial milliseconds.
But it's no smooth ride. Andrea faces the relentless pursuit of performance, always pushing the boundaries in our competitive field. Even in the face of long nights and unconventional sleeping arrangements, her dedication never wavers. Like that time she curled up on tyre blankets in the back of a test truck rather than waste precious time commuting to a hotel.
Andrea's career boasts some impressive highs, like the unforgettable pole-position streak with Alexander Sims. But for her, the real joy lies in the process—testing hypotheses, reaching conclusions, and applying them to the track.
Through her work and involvement in programs like Girls On Track, she's paving the way for future stars, showing them what's possible when passion meets perseverance.
Andrea's impact reverberates far beyond the track. She's not just racing towards victory, she's driving change and inspiring a new generation of trailblazers.

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Pawani Sharma

Chef, Club Mahindra

In the heart of a quiet village in Siwan, Bihar, Pawani's journey began in humble surroundings. With her father running a small cycle shop and her mother a homemaker, Pawani, the youngest of four siblings, dreamt beyond the confines of her upbringing.
Despite facing initial resistance from her family, Pawani remained steadfast in her determination to pursue education and carve her own path. Rejecting the conventional expectation of marriage, she boldly asserted that education alone wasn't enough without empowerment.
Her journey led her from the serene streets of her village to the bustling city of Kolkata, where she graduated from IHM. Joining as a Management Trainee at Club Mahindra, Pawani encountered challenges in the male-dominated industry, but she embraced them as opportunities for growth.
Through perseverance and self-belief, Pawani swiftly climbed the ranks, shattering gender norms and earning respect. Her journey was more than personal success; it was about dismantling barriers for others like her.
A pivotal moment arrived with Club Mahindra's MD Program, opening Pawani's eyes to diverse cultures and professional insights. Reflecting on her journey, she credits Club Mahindra for transforming her life and not just providing employment.
Her message is clear: believe in yourself, overcome obstacles, and never underestimate the power of your dreams.
Pawani's story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that no dream is too big and no obstacle too daunting. With the right mindset and support, dreams can indeed become reality.

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Sangita Pingale

Mahindra Tractor Owner

Sangita's journey has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with both hardships and triumphs. But through it all, she refused to let setbacks define her. Despite enduring the tragic loss of her children, husband and in laws, she found the strength to bounce back.
When Sangita inherited 13 acres of land from her father-in-law, she saw an opportunity to chart her own path in agriculture. Despite facing skepticism from her community, she boldly ventured into farming, fueled by courage and determination to defy stereotypes.
In 2016, Sangita took a leap of faith and pledged her cherished jewellery to acquire a two-wheeler. The following year, she upgraded to a Mahindra Jio Tractor, a dependable companion in her farming endeavors. With its advanced technology and robust build, the tractor became her lifeline, especially during times when labor was scarce.
Today, Sangita proudly cultivates grapes and tomatoes, breaking gender barriers with every harvest. Her message to women resonates with clarity: seize the opportunity and pursue your dreams fearlessly.
As she tends to her fields, Sangita's story serves as a poignant reminder that resilience, determination, and the right tools can empower anyone to overcome obstacles and thrive.

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Hemangi Jagtap

Security Guard Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

"Security guard" is often stereotyped as a job for men. But what it demands is skill, determination, and vigilance.In 2019, Hemangi Jagtap embarked on a journey with Mahindra. Since then, every day has been a testament to resilience and personal growth. Commuting from Bhiwandi consumed a significant amount of time. Juggling home, commute and job was quite exhausting but her mind was set.
Working at Mahindra Logistics wasn't just a job, it was a source of empowerment. Each day at 7:00 AM, everyone dove into the tasks, adapting as needed. And training isn't just about skills, it is also about understanding people and building a supportive environment.
She always viewed challenges as opportunities for growth. Be it aiding a colleague in distress or responding to unexpected incidents, the team is always ready to adapt and support each other. The camaraderie and shared responsibility creates a strong bond among us.
What sets Mahindra apart is the great facilities and the chance to support both ourselves and our families. Working with helpful seniors and colleagues makes it even better, giving us a place to grow together.
Since joining Mahindra, she and her family have felt immense joy and satisfaction. The thought of leaving Mahindra doesn't cross her mind because here, she feels supported and valued.
Hemangi's journey of self-discovery and empowerment motivates her daughters and every woman to step boldly and change their destinies for the better.
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Mahindra Rise presents #SheIsOnTheRise - stories of women who make the world a little better not just on #WomensDay, but everyday.
Next up in the series is Hemangi Jagtap.

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Team Lead at Mahindra All Women Showroom, Itanagar Mahindra Auto

Did you know that in Itanagar, SUVs and cars are more than just vehicles? They're a passion! Almost every household boasts multiple rides, with the Scorpio Classic and Scorpio-N leading the demand charts. Where there's a love for wheels, there's a market waiting to be served.
Enter the Mahindra showroom in Itanagar, breaking barriers as the first all-women showroom in the North-East. And at its helm is Tepi Nyigor, a woman whose journey to leadership was anything but conventional.
As a child, Tepi dreamt of professions like being a doctor or lawyer, never envisioning herself in the automobile industry. Yet, here she is today, leading the charge with six years of experience under her belt. Inspired by her supportive team and the showroom's female owner, she's driven by a single goal: to provide for her family and be an inspiration to the young girls in the region.
Running an all-women showroom comes with its own set of challenges. Some customers insist on speaking with male salespersons, but Tepi handles these situations with grace, reassuring them that her team is more than capable of addressing their needs.
Empowering her team is Tepi's forte. She encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, instilling the Mahindra ethos of finding unique solutions to meet targets.
Tepi's story isn't just about selling cars; it's about paving the way for a new generation of dedicated workers. In Arunachal Pradesh, where females make up 50% of the workforce, Tepi and her team serve as a shining example of empowerment, inspiring others to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams with passion.
What happens in the Mahindra showroom in Itanagar when a customer asks for a male salesperson? Read more to know:
Mahindra Rise presents #SheIsOnTheRise - stories of women who make the world a little better not just on #WomensDay, but everyday.
Next in the series is Tepi.

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