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Hemangi Jagtap

Security Guard Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

"Security guard" is often stereotyped as a job for men. But what it demands is skill, determination, and vigilance.In 2019, Hemangi Jagtap embarked on a journey with Mahindra. Since then, every day has been a testament to resilience and personal growth. Commuting from Bhiwandi consumed a significant amount of time. Juggling home, commute and job was quite exhausting but her mind was set.
Working at Mahindra Logistics wasn't just a job, it was a source of empowerment. Each day at 7:00 AM, everyone dove into the tasks, adapting as needed. And training isn't just about skills, it is also about understanding people and building a supportive environment.
She always viewed challenges as opportunities for growth. Be it aiding a colleague in distress or responding to unexpected incidents, the team is always ready to adapt and support each other. The camaraderie and shared responsibility creates a strong bond among us.
What sets Mahindra apart is the great facilities and the chance to support both ourselves and our families. Working with helpful seniors and colleagues makes it even better, giving us a place to grow together.
Since joining Mahindra, she and her family have felt immense joy and satisfaction. The thought of leaving Mahindra doesn't cross her mind because here, she feels supported and valued.
Hemangi's journey of self-discovery and empowerment motivates her daughters and every woman to step boldly and change their destinies for the better.
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