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Kajal Padval

Site Engineer, Mahindra Susten and Teqo

Belief in one’s ability is the key to success. Electrical engineering is mostly seen as a predictable IT-focused desk job. But being an electrical engineer on a solar power plant fits no part of that description. In fact, it’s an exciting and often hazardous occupation that needs adherence to strict safety procedures. Despite not being strong financially, my father educated all his children on a single salary so we could build good lives for ourselves. From him, I learnt how to always believe in my abilities. I joined Mahindra Teqo as the first female site engineer. I now manage 4 other female workers on the site, training and guiding them at every step to carry out all maintenance activities as per our commitment to technical excellence and the highest HSE standards. It makes me very proud when young girls around me regard me as a role model. Citing me as an example, their families also want them to study well and build a career. I hope to inspire other women to join the field and that they become a part of our ever-growing workforce of competent solar professionals at Teqo.
#InternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquity

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