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Kinjal Patel

Jr. Officer – Commercial (Finance), Mahindra Agri Sector.

Turning adversity into an opportunity is the key to keep rising. I come from a humble background where women working is considered a taboo. I hit a personal low a few years ago when I was in an abusive marriage. However, I knew that succumbing to my circumstances was not the future I wanted for my daughter and myself. So, I decided to overcome these barriers despite societal pressures and judgements. I stood my ground, and fought for my aspirations to work and be financially independent, while raising my child as a single mother. Mahindra Irrigation has been the pillar that supported my personal and professional growth in the last thirteen years. Guidance from my colleagues and managers allowed me to upskill and become an indispensable asset for my team. I aim to provide my child with the facilities and environment that will enable her to become a responsible professional and an aware citizen in the future.
#InternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquity

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