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Monica Sharma

Asst. Director Group Strategy Office & Corporate Affairs - Mahindra Americas

I have always taken big chances professionally. What was once a big leap of faith to venture into something new and out of my comfort zone has now become second nature to me. Moving out of your comfort zone is like starting all over again. Making mistakes, stumbling over words, phrases and simple questions. But I wouldn't have it any other way. A big move from a successful career in hospitality to real estate and now the Mahindra Group, has had me thinking about how often do we tend to put off big adventures or even little life changes out of fear of what could go wrong! We worry ourselves out of trying that piano, or trying a new sport, or taking a leap with a new job, a new country or even a new life and starting all over again. We stop. I have hesitated too, but my fear of not trying has always been far greater than my fear of failing. What’s the worst that could happen? I can always go back to doing what I was doing, But, where’s the fun in it? I believe that we only live once. And our dreams, they're ours alone. It is up to us to chase them. Hold them, pursue them. Big or small and anything in between. Yes, so much could go wrong. And yes, we will make so many mistakes along the way, But we will have great adventures, and great times. And, maybe just maybe, it could all turn out to be so very, very right!

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