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Neha Anand

VP-Global Brand & Marketing Communication - Mahindra Auto Division

Businesses and brands are always subjected to a changing environment to prove their relevance. But the pandemic scaled this to a completely new level as economic, psychological and social metrics were completely shuffled. Working and being comfortable amidst ambiguity has always been my strength. However, the pandemic brought with it new challenges that needed me to not only pivot but also respond with speed in both thought and action, seeded in stability. As digital took on the 'saviour mandate' in the new normal, I had to unlearn, relearn, fail faster and try new things. I had to identify new ways to connect and engage with customers, explore new platforms and technologies, collaborate with a new ecosystem of partners and motivate teams virtually, in a very short duration of time, to not only ensure survival but to ensure continued success for the organisation. My courage, resilience and agility became my key pillars to success and continue to do so as I Rise!

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