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Nikshita Bora

Divisional Manager, Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.

As part of the Mahindra Finance – Collections & Recovery Team, in one of the largest geographies pan-India, my job requirements change every day. From having to communicate in four languages to traversing through the volatile geo political circumstances in the territory, to making do with limited manpower and traveling over 12 hours to reach a client, the challenges coming my way are neither traditional nor easy. But, because I consistently unleashed my potential, I scaled newer heights. Being in a male-dominated profile means constantly breaking various stereotypes and proving myself to my customers with patience and compassion. In my role, it’s essential to create a personal connect with everyone. I emphasise on self development and growth for my teams and create new benchmarks through my work to motivate them to improve continuously. My parents always wanted me to have a wider view of the world, and I believe the exposure I get every day on the job definitely fits that bill. In this challenging atmosphere, I’ve been driven to be consistent while being able to adapt. This enables me to create an environment where people around me are inclined to my vision, so that together, we can rise.
#InternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquity

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