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Prarthna Shetty

Brand Manager, XUV 700, Mahindra Automotive

I believe that we are a product of our experiences, good and bad. With my roots from Karnataka, my schooling from Madhya Pradesh and most of my adult life spent in Mumbai, it was with a lot of excitement that I joined Mahindra fresh out of college, to amass experience. And what a gratifying journey it has been. I started out as the only female Area Manager in the zone. A sales stint in rural Andhra Pradesh creating customer delight was the perfect lift-off I needed to break gender stereotypes in a mostly male dominated industry. A new role across sales, strategy and marketing every two years meant that I had to dive in head first and could not shy away from taking calculated risks. I was once given some friendly counsel, “Don’t rock the boat”. Rocking the boat can be scary, but in my eight years since, I’ve learnt that making waves can show a willingness to help find solutions and not just be there to do a job. And more importantly, it shows that we care.

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