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Ritika Malpotra

Graduate Agri Trainee, Farm Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

If I succeed, I will be happy and if I lose, I will be wiser. Giving up on a task without even trying has never been my way of doing things. Having joined the Mahindra Group as a Graduate Agri Trainee merely six months ago, I sometimes find it hard to believe how far I’ve come from being a newbie trying to understand the market to becoming a go-to solution provider for my dealers and sales teams. Tractor sales requires immense technical knowledge & high sensitivity towards customer needs. It entails long days in the field with hectic travel schedules. But, even in the most exacting situations, I always strive to be bold and face them head on. I put my best foot forward with a smile. As the only female in the Punjab team, I used to face a lot of bias from dealers. They would say, “Yeh kal ki ladki humein kya sikhayegi”. But with my diligence and the guidance of my seniors who believed I could take on every challenge on the field, I was able to rise above these stereotypes. The same people now look up to me for help whenever they are struggling. They now find my hard work endearing and my passion infectious. This makes me hopeful for the future as I look forward to contributing to the vision of transforming the lives of our farmers.
#InternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquity

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