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Sangita Pingale

Mahindra Tractor Owner

Sangita's journey has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with both hardships and triumphs. But through it all, she refused to let setbacks define her. Despite enduring the tragic loss of her children, husband and in laws, she found the strength to bounce back.
When Sangita inherited 13 acres of land from her father-in-law, she saw an opportunity to chart her own path in agriculture. Despite facing skepticism from her community, she boldly ventured into farming, fueled by courage and determination to defy stereotypes.
In 2016, Sangita took a leap of faith and pledged her cherished jewellery to acquire a two-wheeler. The following year, she upgraded to a Mahindra Jio Tractor, a dependable companion in her farming endeavors. With its advanced technology and robust build, the tractor became her lifeline, especially during times when labor was scarce.
Today, Sangita proudly cultivates grapes and tomatoes, breaking gender barriers with every harvest. Her message to women resonates with clarity: seize the opportunity and pursue your dreams fearlessly.
As she tends to her fields, Sangita's story serves as a poignant reminder that resilience, determination, and the right tools can empower anyone to overcome obstacles and thrive.

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