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Sanjana Kawade

Deputy Manager – Operations, Mahindra Logistics

Optimism can help one to rise to any occasion. I completed my MBA during the pandemic and my graduation came with a looming sense of uncertainty. But Mahindra Logistics not only provided me a secure job in a time of mass layoffs, but also recognized my potential and entrusted me with a managerial position in a short span of time. One of the most challenging assignments in my role has been the migration of a client’s warehouse. I had to think on my feet to see it through, particularly when we didn’t have material handling equipment in place. So, we arranged to rent the required apparatus overnight. Being a newbie, my manager’s guidance and motivation helped me find creative solutions to problems arising in those dynamic circumstances. It was touted as the smoothest transition in the client’s history, and we won our client’s appreciation. Today, leading a team of 80 and managing a warehouse of over 2 lakh sq. ft. (the largest one of our client in India), I am trying to bring more women to the shopfloor. With the support of my seniors, we have reached a commendable figure of 25% diversity, a number that we only see increasing in the near future.
#InternationalWomensDay #EmbraceEquity

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