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Women in Blues

Mahindra Blues Festival, 2024

Every year, the Mahindra Group hosts cultural festivals that give artists equitable opportunities to showcase their art to patrons. They create a stage that only recognises talent, without the shackles of gender, age or language. The Mahindra Blues Festival is one such event that brings the vibrant Blues music to India.
Star performers like Dana Fuchs, Vanessa Collier, Samantha Fish, Beth Hart, Sheryl Youngblood and Tipriti Kharbangar graced the Mahindra Blues Festival 2024. In a country where Blues music is still finding its fandom, they mesmerised fans with their raw, deep-throated vocals, their musical prowess and their stage presence.
Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, they brought their music from across the world to Indian stages - showing that all that matters in the end is grit and hard work.
The women fearlessly presented their creativity in a world that was earlier dominated by men, inspiring an entire generation of female artists, songwriters and entertainers. Their performances lay the groundwork for other women to chase their dreams.
They shoulder responsibilities far greater than entertainment and enrich the cultural fabric of the community. As Dana Fuchs in her reel asks, ’kitne aadmi the?’ – Zero!

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