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Shikha Gupta

Senior Collection Executive, Mahindra Finance

After graduation, Shikha Gupta joined Mahindra Finance as a MIS Executive. A few years later, she was told that she was being moved into a new role, in the receivables department. Being the only woman in this team, she was anxious and hesitant to join. She wondered how she could do a job she had no experience in - collecting dues from customers.
However, her seniors encouraged her to embrace the new role. Once she decided to give it a try, she gave it her 100%. The result was visible in the very first month! Shikha achieved a 98% collection efficiency and earned praise not only from her department but the organisation at large. Today, she wonders if her seniors saw potential in her when she couldn’t herself.
Amidst the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shikha emerged as a guiding light, teaching digital payment methods to her customers to ensure seamless EMI transactions. Her commitment to serving others extended beyond professional boundaries, as she navigated the complexities of managing over 120-150 customer contracts while shouldering familial responsibilities alongside her elder brother.
We are proud of Shikha’s courage and are sure that her story will encourage more women to take on tough roles fearlessly.
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