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Sugandha Singh

Manager - Projects |Shadow Board 2023, Mahindra Accelo

I have always believed in this one thought, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Challenges make us dive deeper into our capabilities and bring out our hidden virtues. Two months old in Accelo, when I learnt about a new CSR project to build a primary school building, I sought it as a challenge and asked to get involved. The trust placed in me by my seniors fuelled my confidence to lead the project end-to end. Now, whenever I pass the school near our plant in Kanhe and see young students run into it to learn, it swells me up with pride. Since then, I have completed over 15 projects on manufacturing units which are core to our business. With each new facility, come new obstacles that continuously feed me with the zeal for fresh learnings and help me evolve. This passion of accepting all opportunities that come my way has moulded me into a more refined version of myself. Saying yes to these challenges that scare me, has empowered me to climb mountains! So, believe it when I say, I am a challenge seeker, therefore I rise.

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