• Engineering Graduates

    Engineering Graduates

We hire outstanding graduates across the engineering disciplines to work predominantly in our Automotive, Farm Equipment, and IT businesses, as well as select positions in other sectors.  In every business, we look for independent thinkers with a strong work ethic who are comfortable both taking risks with new ideas and working on a team.


The Automotive and Farm Equipment sectors look for talented mechanical, civil, and electrical/electronics engineers, while the IT sector seeks computer science, electronics, and IT engineers.


For detailed information regarding recruitment and employment in each sector, please download the relevant pdf.  For questions regarding the Automotive and Farm Equipment sectors, please write to careers-igniters@mahindra.com.  For questions regarding the IT sector, please contact Tech Mahindra at career@techmahindra.com.

Don Kurian
Don is a Graduate Engineering Trainee in R&D for M&M Automotive.
Shivani Mishra
Shivani is a Graduate Engineering Trainee working in M&M Automotive.
Bhavana Suresh
Bhanava is a Graduate Engineering Trainee in sales and marketing for M&M Automotive.