• Centuro


The Mahindra Centuro marks the beginning of a new breed of motorcycle. At the core of every Centuro is the Mahindra DNA of toughness , ruggedness and reliability. Our confidence in the Centuro is reflected in its 5-year warranty. Its distinctive muscular styling and class-leading features help it stand out from the crowd. It has a stylish flip key that’s a reflection of the same premiumness that the Centuro stands for.


One of the central thoughts in creating the Centuro has been to provide innovative solutions for unaddressed consumer needs. Innovations like "find- me" lamps make it easy to locate the Centuro in crowded parking lots. An antitheft alarm deters unwanted attention. Guide lamps ensure you make a surefooted exit after parking the vehicle in the dark, and the white backlit digital dashboard gives you all vital information in a quick glance.



Its broad seats and adjustable suspension provide an unmatched comfort, no matter what roads you take. And combined with our patented lubrication system and MCi5 engine, the Centuro deliver a great ride at with superb fuel economy.

In 2013 the Centuro was recognised as Bike of the Year by Bloomberg TV India Autocar and by Bike India. The awards are a validation of Mahindra's design and engineering philosophy.